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By: Jenny Marie I’ve been told that many of my writings begin with a memory; a crystallized moment in time that etches, sharp as a diamond, a message into the fabric of my own reality. This piece is no different, and if I may, I’ll recount another pivotal moment from my past. The women in […]

By: Andrea Ayres A lot of people become vegetarians for altruistic reasons. Some have compelling moral objections or dietary concerns. Me… well, I lied my way into vegetarianism. I went to college at a small liberal arts institution about 30 miles outside Chicago. Each student was assigned an advisor. Our advisors were often the same people […]

By: Lisa Marie Blair I spent another weekend on the couch. I watched whole seasons of shows, ate all the snacks in the house, and returned to work on Monday as stressed as ever. I felt worse, but told myself it was okay. It was self-care. I spent another weekend watching old movies, making smoothies, […]