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By: Andrea Ayres A lot of people become vegetarians for altruistic reasons. Some have compelling moral objections or dietary concerns. Me… well, I lied my way into vegetarianism. I went to college at a small liberal arts institution about 30 miles outside Chicago. Each student was assigned an advisor. Our advisors were often the same people […]

I was standing in another queue before a walk-through metal detector. The sun was glinting through the thick, grey haze permeating the New Delhi sky, giving the sandstone walls of Red Fort an overbearing glow. Two lines stood in front of me — each with simultaneously menacing and lackadaisical police officers — both posing one […]

By: Lisa Marie Blair I spent another weekend on the couch. I watched whole seasons of shows, ate all the snacks in the house, and returned to work on Monday as stressed as ever. I felt worse, but told myself it was okay. It was self-care. I spent another weekend watching old movies, making smoothies, […]