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Aloe Bud helps you improve your mental health, with gentle self-care reminders.

Check-in with what you need more of in your life today.


Everything from remembering to drink water to maintaining relationships.


Reflect on how you’re feeling with simple journaling tools. 

Gentle Reminders

We send gentle, encouraging push notifications reminders, rather than guilt or shame. 

Activity Log

Celebrate tiny victories in your personal activity log.

Meet your self-care pocket companion

Aloe Bud can increase mindfulness around daily mental, physical, and emotional wellness.



Aloe Bud gently brings awareness to self-care activities, using encouraging push notifications, rather than guilt or shame. We only send reminders when asked – set up a schedule that works for you.


Aloe Bud is your all-in-one, self-care pocket companion. We gently bring awareness to self-care activities, using encouraging push notifications, rather than guilt or shame.

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Here’s what the people are saying about Aloe Bud

Such a cute, helpful app! I don’t usually write reviews for apps, but I felt like this one deserved one! The pixel art aesthetic was what first drew me in, and now I’m realizing that it’s so much more than just cute- its gentle reminders are exactly what I needed. My routines are never usually set in stone, so I LOVE how flexible this app is! I would definitely recommend to anyone who struggles with finding time for self-care or just needs a little bit of sunshine in their routine!


06/29/2020 - 5 STARS

Before I started using aloe bud I was going through the worst patch of depression and anxiety in my life aloe bud is so helpful! It’s always reminding me to take care of myself whether it’s to shower or write down things I love about myself aloe bud is truly always willing to help and reminding me that I am important and I need to love myself all I can say is thank you for helping me get back to being me 💖

Shoshana Lipson

06/26/2020 - 5 Stars

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Aloe Bud is not meant to and should not replace mental health care or the support of loved ones, but is a valuable—and free—tool to help bridge gaps in making self-care as accessible and cute as possible.

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