“Make yourself comfortable,” I was told, my lady business exposed to the cold winter air for anybody to see. As it my first time ever using a male gynecologist (my usual female OBGYN was booked up,) I was already primed to be anything but comfortable. Today’s particular appointment wasn’t the typical speculum-and-swab while making small […]

I feel a mixture of jealousy and sadness when I think of her. She gets to be his girlfriend, while I am just the girl with a crush. I want what she has, but I know realistically that it won’t happen. I’m just an interloper in their love story. If this were a romantic comedy, […]

Red lipstick has always been a signifier of confidence to me, but I never felt sophisticated enough to wear it. Red screams confidence and boldness. My mom wore mostly pink lipstick, and she encouraged me to do the same. “Pink looks good on you,” she would say. It didn’t feel like I was allowed to wear a […]

My phone rings, for the 12th time in as many minutes. “I’m almost there,” I breathe heavily into the receiver, no time even for a “hello.” My voice is unnaturally high-pitched. “So sorry I’m late, bus problems! I’ll literally be there in five minutes, okay? Order me a drink; I’ll have a gin and tonic. […]

If you’ve ever tried starting a manual car on an uphill slant, you’ll know how scary it can be to dive back into things that have already come to an end. Because you’ve already done it once. You’ve already pulled that car out of the parking lot, navigated all the obstacles, pushed yourself out of […]

You’ve already read about being jealous of a cat this month (and if you haven’t, read it now!). I, on the other hand, am jealous of a dog. She’s not even MY dog, technically — she lives with my parents in Indiana. Her name is Gracie, she’s a golden retriever and, like Sami’s cat Brioche, she’s […]

Trigger warning: This post contains sensitive topics such as eating disorders. It felt shameful, but also normal. I convinced myself I was controlling my body, and I felt like I’d found the secret to instant happiness: food. Over the years, inflicting violence on my psyche and esophagus became a habit. When I ate, I binged, […]

The peak experience is a term coined by late psychologist Abraham Maslow. According to Maslow, it is an experience “characterized by intense pleasure, euphoria, interconnectedness, oneness, extreme awareness, clarity, absence of all negativity and so-called higher levels of consciousness… The experience is most often explained by a magical and philosoph