Streaming redefined

How the network works:

💚 Our partners will each have a time slot that they can stream whichever game, Just Chatting, etc. of their choice.

💚 We will release our streaming schedule week by week on Sundays. Partners will each have their own set of rules and requirements for the Aloe Bud community to follow. We ask that you respect their needs and make our buds feel welcome and comfortable.

💚 Tipping our partners, buying them a meal, or getting them something off our shared Throne wish list is appreciated but not required.

Chaotic Bunny

Prince Calamity

Chelsea Allebach

A 20-something-year-old with the knees of an 80-year-old! She is a full-time “Just Chatting” streamer. I am excited you took the time out to visit and give my stream a chance.
Calamity (she/they), is a neurodivergent RPG loving content creator and game dev who wants to create a positive, diverse space for everyone!
I am Chelsea (she/her) and besides streaming I enjoy fostering animals in need and running my own dog walking + pet sitting service! My days are mostly spent talking to animals so it’s nice to come here and have friends to chat with while I play my favorite games (: I am also in school studying Psychology.

Booba Spice

Chelsea Dugas

Medusa Chan

Booba Spice is a Canadian bunny girl Vtuber with a passion for storytelling and gaming! You will most often catch her playing story-focused games, or messing around in Just Chatting as she teaches herself the ukulele. She’s got chill vibes, and wants you to have an awesome day!
I’m Chelsea, but you can call me Cece! I love to bake and take my rabbits on walks on the beach.
Her name is Gena but she goes by MedusaChan. You can call her Dusa or M. She’s in the 30+ club for sure and has 2 beautiful kids that she supports with the subs and tips from the stream.

Gem Schley


Rochelle Muir

Gem, who goes by the handle @disabledandfab, is a twenty-something variety Twitch streamer. Her streams on her personal channel can include anything from cozy games, to story times, to games that will make you jump in your seat. As someone with various disabilities and memory issues, Gem loves the reminders sent by AloeBud(as well as its adorable UI).
LastxFantasy is a JRPG and indie loving streamer who aims to create a positive and happy environment. She also loves traveling and reading books!
Hi I’m Rochelle or Dreamer (she/her) and I’m a part-time limb different streamer. I enjoy playing cozy story driven games but occasionally dip my (two) toed foot into spookier games. Throughout my streams I discuss the importance of taking care of your mental health, being enough just as you are and sharing my experiences about being disabled.




Hi! Nice to meet you! I’m ChinoChinako and I’m a Variety Streamer. I’m making content like cosplay, pixel art and websites, and I play video games too (which will be updated in the “What’s Playing” section). I really enjoy streaming and being creative, so THANK YOU for stopping by!

Essie, (she/her) who also goes by Battie, is a queer neurodivergent artist/content creator with invisible disabilities like narcolepsy and other chronic illnesses. She streams a variety of content—from games to art to music and more—allowing her to share small joys through creativity and curiosity. Battie is passionate about creating comfortable, uplifting, inclusive community spaces where everyone can be their authentic selves while advocating for restful self-care, mental health nurturing, and compassionate self-love.

HOWDY! My name is Allison (she/her) I’m 27 years old, bisexual & bipolar! I’m a mom of two dogters named Baby Cakes & Sweetie Pie! I enjoy playing all sorts of games but mostly Overwatch, Fortnite, Sea of Thieves and Battlefront II!


c00kiebird (they/she) also known as Tomi) is a variety streamer from the middle east. Currently serving in the Israeli army, they stream jackbox, kirby, and minecraft in their free time. Usually caught singing along to music as she plays, Tomi’s streams are a comfortable place for all to join and vibe!