June 2022

Social media can and is overwhelming, not only on the eyes from staring at a bright screen for so long, but also on a person’s mental and emotional health. Social media is everything now and you can do so much with the power and access that people have. You can find jobs, you can find […]

So, I’ve talked a few times about how I find the ideal of people pushing themselves to the brink upsetting. I don’t get why we glorify the concept of working ourselves to the point of exhaustion, whether it be for a job or school, or even some personal projects. That is not to say that […]

When you’re disabled or have a chronic illness, self care is absolutely necessary. While self care regarding mental illness is often regarded as something you do when you have the time, caring for chronic pain is an all-consuming responsibility. There’s almost never a moment when I’m not tracking my symptoms, taking or thinking about taking medicine,

I get guilt. I’m supersonically Catholic. I once cried after hitting an already dead possum on the highway. I’m a flesh-and-blood American woman who is painfully aware of her single, self-sufficient, totally-rad lifestyle she maintains (especially when compared to her parents’ struggles at her age). I get guilt. “Self care” is not all the rage

You probably knew a girl like me in grade school: a girl that mostly kept to herself, didn’t talk much and hardly ever raised her hand in class. You probably knew her as “shy” and “quiet” and “introverted,” adjectives that pair well with “bookish” and “nerdy” in an attempt to make it seem like you […]