Aloe Bud is your self care pocket companion.

It is not meant to replace mental health care but can be a valuable addition your toolkit.

Green sprout icon that is a reminder to check-in with yourself


When asked, Aloe Bud will gently remind you of daily life tasks and check on your well-being.


Journal through the waves of our emotions with bite-sized reflection prompts.


Our Gentle Reminder scheduling feature was designed to bring self-care to the forefront.

Pause, recharge, and return to life feeling refreshed.

While we can’t guarantee Aloe Bud will suddenly make you start drinking gallons of water per day, for example, setting up a little reminder is a great first step toward healthier habits.

What is “self" care?

It starts at the bottom.

Aloe Bud can effectively teach through action and reflection any individual of any vulnerability or sensitivity level, the basics of emotional regulation and daily “self” care.

Reflect, don't forget.

When scrolling through your activity log and reflecting on people who make you happy, how often you are eating or skipping meals, what times of the day you need a break; you are bringing awareness to yourself and your own needs.

Mental health matters.

Now more than ever, mental health related crises are at an all-time high. Acceptance and discussion of these issues which millions struggle with is growing. Aloe Bud aims to be a companion on your mental health journey.

This is not a cure.

With a prolonged use of Aloe Bud, we hope to build the core foundations that you might be missing and help you reach a more stable place to do certain emotional or physical tasks.

Words matter.

By using words that feel like a suggestion and encouraging, rather than aggressive and reactionary, we can create a space where the healing process can begin and real growth can start.
What the community thinks



most soothing self-care app

I love this app!!! it fulfills my desire to only use cute things because it looks super cute and compact yet easy for me to read while it’s taking care of me by reminding me (kindly) to perform tasks for my basic needs and self-care, which in turn improves my mental health. I also like to mark down when I do certain things and what they are sometimes, like listening to songs or seeing certain people, then look back at it in my log.

Content Creator Zellie Thorn

So Amazing!!

Where to begin before I started using aloe bud I was going through the worst patch of depression and anxiety in my life aloe bud is so helpful! It’s always reminding me to take care of myself whether it’s to shower or write down things I love about myself aloe bud is truly always willing to help and reminding me that I am important and I need to love myself all I can say is thank you for helping me get back to being me.

Patient Advocate Shoshana Lipson

Simple and Effective

Aloe Bud is a simple but effective app geared towards improving and managing one’s mental health. The breathing activity is automatically included as a pre-set. Breathing exercises have been proven to reduce stress and anxiety. They can also act as a way to look inward and be aware of one’s breathing patterns. They reduce fight or flight response and improve focus.

PHD Maddie Clark


Serenity Discko

Creative Director

David Stribling

Web Ops

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